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I have always been fascinated and involved with all things related to animals.

I have been an advocate for animals-in-need as well as rescuing, fostering, and volunteering for most of my adult life. I have worked in a shelter as an Animal Care Attendant where I not only gave medical care to the animals, but I also used my dog training skills to help rehabilitate and train shelter dogs.

What struck me most, however, was when I found a scared dog carelessly dumped off in the streets near my home. I rescued him, but soon found he was riddled with so much trauma and fear that translated itself into aggression / reactivity. This particular dog became my number one motivation to learn more about dog psychology and training.

I went on to study a formal education in dog psychology, behavior, and training for 1 year. I received my certification from Animal Behavior College where I graduated with honors. My year long commitment to the ABC program provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and to better understand behavior. My certification, education, and experience has taught me better skills to effectively and humanely train our canine friends.

My goal is to help more dogs stay in homes and more families to become better connected with their canine friends. I am happy to help train all types of "problem dogs", from those that lack basic obedience, jump on you, dig in yards, etc. to those that are unruly on leash and reactive. While some dogs may never be 100% fully able to greet others up close, there is still hope for them to live among society rather than the alternative. No dog is ever too old to learn.

I have also taken a feline management and training course and would be happy to offer cat training assistance as well.

** Please refer to the Training & Pet Care section to learn more specifics about the services I offer and pricing.**

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